Hi i am hoping someone will be able to clarify if the enhanced disability premium is ever backdated once placed in esa support group. My brother has recently been placed in support group & his letter stated he now gets disability income guarantee ( which I believe is enhanced disability premium)at £15.55 a week. His circumstances are as follows;

* he receives dla Middle rate care low rate mob
* he does not claim severe disability premium as he has a carer
* he was initially placed in wrag group & backdated payment was made.
* when decision was made I immediately wrote to them asking to look at decision again & submitted new evidence
* two weeks later they placed him in support group
* another backdated payment had just been awarded ( which appears to be a payment for the difference between wrag and support group)

There has been no backdated payment of the enhanced disability premium so I phoned dwp & was told that this is not backdated does anyone please know if this is correct? Thanks!