Hi all
i have searched the forum and can't find the answer to my question and also have been on the website for ESA and i never really understand what it means so i am hopijg someone on here will be able to give me some advice

So my question and a bit of background as follows

I have peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain caused by spinal cord tumour removal, Pituitary failure, osteoporosis and more recently MS.

After the MS diagnosis and since my heakth has deteriorated i asked for my DLA to be looked at. At the time i was getting high rate mobility and low rate care. When i phined them to uodate they said they would send me the paperwork for DLA changes as currently in my area it is still DLA and not PIP,

So they have just approved and amended my claim so that i still get the high rate mobility component and now the middle rate care.

I also get ESA Contribution based and i am in the support group.

Now my question is, does anyone k ow if i would be entitled to the disability premium or severe disability premium for my ESA?
I live with my parents, it is their home. My dad is registered blind and gets ESA and DLA at high rate mobility and middle rate care. My mum is his carer and claims carers allowance.

From the documents i have seen and i might be wrong but it looks like my dad wouldnt be classed as a non dependant as he is registered blind? And would my mum also not be classed as a non dependant as she is my dads carer?

Really hope someone will be able to advise on this.

Thank you so so much