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Thread: Dont understand this letter please help.

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    Dont understand this letter please help.

    I am recieving esa and i also get the wrag component (joint claim with my girlfriend). Today we recieved a letter saying this:

    We have looked at your claim again following a recent change.
    From the 2nd of July you esa will $70.80 a week.

    This is because you have reached a maximum of 365 days that you can get contribution based esa.

    This is because we recently told you that a decision would be made about a doubt.
    - On whether you failed to attend a wrag activity.

    During this period you may still be able to get some esa under hardship.

    As you can see they have given 2 reasons. One of them makes no sense because we are not on contribution based. In all other letter it clearly says we are on income based.

    Anyway my point is, we were getting about 130 a week and now we are on 70.80 a week.

    Sorry to go on for so long but my questions are
    a)How long will these deductions last? (the letter says nothing about how long)
    b)Where did they pluck the sanction amount from? (we have gone from 260 to 140 each time we are paid)

    Thanks and sorry about the long post.

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    Give them a call, to find out what's going on

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    it depends if its income related or contribution ESA. Income related you get for a long time but contribution based your usually on it for one year. Not sure what you need to do to stay on it longer. this is also the case if your in the ESA WRAG to. hope this helps

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    Contribution Based ESA in WRAG only lasts for 52 weeks and then you have to change to Income Related ESA, if you qualify by low or zero other income.
    Sounds like you may know this already.

    The other bit about missing a WRAG activity says that you have been given a sanction for not completing a mandatory activity.
    Missing an appointment at the Jobcentre perhaps?

    Again you indicate that you already know this.

    An ESA sanction is a deduction of 100% of the personal allowance.
    From what you say you have lost about £60 a week so I would guess that you are both under 18, or one under 25 other under 18 and you have no children?
    That would make your personal allowance £57.90, which seems to be the amount stopped.

    This sanction deduction applies until you recomply with the required conditions, plus a set number of weeks.

    You should have been told what you had done wrong and what you need to do to recomply and get your full ESA benefit back.
    This will have been in the letter that first told you that there was a doubt, not in this latest letter.

    If you can't find on your previous letters what you need to do to recomply then ring them and ask.
    The longer you leave it, the longer the sanction will last.

    An ESA sanction does not just last for a set time, you have to recomply with the activity that you missed or the sanction continues.
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