Sometimes the smallest of things really can make a big difference and although to many the rubber foot at the end of a walking stick could be overlooked, it can make the difference from fear of falling to stepping outside with confidence.

Also known as a ferrule the rubber tip found at the end of a walking stick comes in a wide variety of designs to offer added support and security to your stride. As the point of contact with the ground this small and seemingly insignificant part is the key to grounding your step. If there wasn’t something there, you’d know about it.

British entrepreneur, David Goodwin, invented the Flexyfoot to replace the traditional ferrule and revolutionise walking aids for ever. Following complaints from his sister, who suffers from MS, about her crutches David was passionate to find a solution to relive the pain and improve the grip to minimise the fear of slipping and give her the trust in a walking aid.

Unlike the traditional walking sticks, the Flexyfoot is fitted with a shock absorbing suspension system which can rotate through 360° giving full ground contact at different angles to improve grip. The durable materials increase the friction with the ground increasing control as well as lasting longer than typical ferrules. The Flexyfoot’s stylish and comfortable handle and robust weight bearing capability offers real benefits in terms of providing increased comfort, easing aches and pains and improving confidence in walking.

A walking stick can give you back your freedom and help you keep as active as ever before but is only as good as it’s able to provide the vital support you need. If you are a bit wobbly on your feet or have pain when you move about, don’t let the summer pass you by but use this little thing to brighten up your day as you step out and enjoy the sunshine.

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