Bathrooms have to cater to the needs of all family members within a household, both young and old. Everyone needs good levels of light but as we get older these needs increase as less light reaches the retina and visual clarity deteriorates.

In fact, most people at the age of sixty need three times more light than when they were aged 20.

Two million people in the UK are currently living with sight loss and around 20% of those are aged seventy-five and over*

Whether individuals have a visual problem or just wear glasses, the chances are that the bathroom is where they are likely to remove their glasses to wash, shower or shave. This means lighting levels are critical to enable people to carry out these essential activities. Effective lighting can make a huge impact to the look and feel of any bathroom so it’s important to always consider a number of factors when planning any bathroom installation.

Here are the 5 main considerations to bear in mind when selecting lighting for the bathroom:Read more....