Designed for use with ceiling track hoist systems, the Aries is fully height adjustable bath, allowing carers to work with the bather at a comfortable level and minimising their risk of injury or back strain.

As part of the Care in Bathing Group, Europe’s foremost provider of specialist bathing products for over 25 years, Abacus Healthcare shares a strong heritage in assisted bathing.

We’re proud to design and manufacture in the UK, and we’ve built an enviable reputation for creating high-quality specialist bathing solutions.

Our products are developed by specialists and improved through regular feedback from therapists, families and care providers.

Ergonomics and the reduction of moving and handling risks are carefully considered in every aspect of our product design. Our bathing solutions are built with precision, using high quality components and materials that guarantee the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability.

And, by seeking feedback from care providers, healthcare professionals and end users, we strive to continually develop our product designs and manufacturing expertise to provide the optimum assisted bathing installation.

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