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Thread: Anxiety, depression, incontinence! Newbie needing help!

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    Anxiety, depression, incontinence! Newbie needing help!

    Hi all

    Not sure if I am posting in the right place as this is my first time here, I am on my mobile so will keep this brief but hopefully include all the points.

    I have my PIP appeal next Tuesday! I applied on 16th Jan 2014!!

    I suffer with fecal incontinence due to a birth injury I got whilst delivering my son in 2008. I have been successful in a medical negligence case against the NHS as my repair was completely inadequate and a whole number of other reasons.

    As you can imagine this causes me massive anxiety and unfortunately depression! I am currently taking 20mg of citalopram which is helping at the moment.

    I originally only scored 2 points when applying, after the reconsideration it still stood at only 2 points!

    So here I am looking for any help people can offer me in terms of the appeal.

    I hate going out the house (very rarely do I get out)! I have difficultly speaking to people I don't know incase they can smell me or I have marked through my clothes. I am a young 26 year old lady, who loved life before all this happened. I have 4 beautiful boys that I am very grateful for but feel like I'm failing them.

    Am I wasting my time with this appeal?

    Thank you to anyone who replies, I will try my hardest to keep coming back to this thread (took me long enough to find how to post it)!

    Thank you

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    Did you get any help with the appeal and send any extra evidence for it?

    I am sending you a link which I suggest you read:

    I know you do not suffer from this condition but maybe there will be some useful information for you.

    Looking at the PIP descriptors I can see why you only scored 2 points, can you?

    I am wondering if you have documented the affects of your condition that it has on your daily life. Do you suffer from extreme tiredness and this would make it dangerous to perform some of the daily tasks expected of you? Do other people have to help you because of the effects of your condition?

    You need to remember that PIP is about your care and mobility needs not your medical condition. I do not mean to be unsympathetic as I fully understand how awful this must be but it is the descriptors that you have to meet.

    Read the link and then make your decision.

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    Seems you do have problems, but what a lot of people when completing the application forget IT IS NOT SO MUCH THE DISABILITY - we have to paint a picture of how the disability affects us day to day.

    Did you complete the paperwork?
    Did you provide the physical paperwork to support your claim, do not presume they will contact any specialists.

    Did you provide evidence of prescriptions for incontinence pants? Your GP will have referred you to a specialists to prescribe these pants.
    Did you provide evidence from the consultants you have seen?

    What the PIP descriptors ask:

    Can you get to the toilet, wipe, clean, flush unaided?
    Can you dress or undress unaided?
    Can you prepare a meal? Hold a knife, use a cooker OR a microwave?
    Can you wash yourself unaided?
    Can you walk?

    Think about the specific questions.

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    Welcome to the forums, first of all have you been receiving help from CAB or welfare rights?, what aids do you use for your incontinence?, are you clinically diagnosed with any other conditions that you could provide evidence to the the tribunal?

    I do wish you well in the tribunal and hopefully you get a good result

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    Thank you for your replies.

    I filled in the application rather quickly and probably didn't write the "right" things.

    During my medical negligence claim I was lucky to see lots of different experts regarding my problems. I have included all their reports. One was from a nurse who explained my disability and how it would affect my for the rest of my life. Another was from a mental health doctor.

    I have seen numerous different counsellors for my anxiety and depression, including CBT. I didn't include these details in my application so I have got this ready for the appeal.

    I can understand based on the information I gave why I only scored 2 points, my problem now is trying to prove to them how my life unfortunately revolves around these horrible problems. It affects my whole family, but I'm led to believe they do not take this into account?

    It's obviously not normal to soil yourself everyday so what am I meant to be telling them?

    Sorry for rambling

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    Ps I have not been able to find anyone to support me during this in terms of CAB. I am going at it alone with the help of my husband and mum

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    Your local or county council may have a Welfare Rights Dept who will be able to help you.

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    While the condition is uncomfortable, i don't see where you hope to gain points from?

    Wearing incontinence pads would not for example hinder you from making a meal or getting a drink, normal walking or even washing yourself.

    It may well be embarrassing at times i'm sure, but it's how it actually affects you on a daily basis, doing basic chores/meal times/washing/walking etc.
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    Is it not possible to be awarded PIP due to anxiety and depression?

    I will attend the tribunal anyway and explain my situation the best I can.

    Believe me it effects every aspect of my life daily! I don't eat meals myself in the hope I won't poo myself if I havnt got anything in me! My husband often has to tell me he can still smell me even after I have cleaned because I have leaked again! I have sores from constantly cleaning myself and wearing huge pads!

    Thanks for the replies.

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    I'm not sure by "you don't eat meals myself" anyway, to gain points from anxiety and or depression, i feel you will need more than just a prescription on your record. Have you seen anyone professionally about how you feel. At least then you will have further evidence from a health professional.

    You see to get your point across as best you can, a paper trail ie: medical records of treatment and how it is affecting you i think is critical in getting any further with an appeal.

    I didn't mean to come across as uncaring, but the facts are word of mouth to the appeal tribunal will mean very little, without evidence.

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