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Thread: Molten Rock Introduce New Electric All-Terrain Wheelchair at Mobility Roadshow

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    Mobility Roadshow

    Molten Rock Introduce New Electric All-Terrain Wheelchair at Mobility Roadshow

    Molten Rock Equipment Ltd, the Milton Keynes based producer of all-terrain mobility solutions have added to their line of products; the NEW BOMA 4B. It is the first electric all-terrain wheelchair created specifically for shared use.


    Leveraging off-road bike technology, BOMA 4B provides the optimal weight distribution to offer stability and balance over virtually any terrain. The unique design of the chair allows ease of transfer and intuitive controls make it straight-forward to operate. This is the first all-terrain mobility solution that caters to such a wide range of physical impairments while offering a fun, engaging and safe experience. BOMA 4B can be equally enjoyed by someone with walking difficulties to an amputee to a full-time wheelchair user. Read more....

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    My first thought on seeing that image-


    I'm sure its a bit more advanced though?
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    As the design incorporates a roll-over cage I think they are trying to say it can still fall over. And how does one transport this vehicle to the off-road site. Perhaps it's a transformer!

    Well spotted nukecad

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