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Thread: What is your opinion?

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    What is your opinion?

    I have my own views on this sort of overseas funding that may be too radical.

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    All very well on paper, but of course the world is not on paper.

    By the time any new outbreak is identified it will probably have progressed too far for this kind of 'flying squad' intervention.
    (As happened with Ebola).

    Of course you also have to ask what drugs and equipment to stockpile when you don't know what disease is going to break out.
    General stuff like tents, water supplies, protective suits and masks, etc, etc. are already stockpiled in huge warehouses ready for deployment when needed.
    No doubt whatever else you have on standby it will not be the stuff that is needed in a particular crisis, and there will again be a rush to try and get the needed supplies together.
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