My brother who presently lives alone is suffering with uncontrolled epilepsy and awaiting an brain operation. I feel and have felt for a some time he should not live alone. I have lived in Ireland for some time and his condition is a constant worry to me as I am so far away (his condition deteriorated some time after I moved). After his operation he will need a lot of support, I have agreed to support him through the whole procedure and with after care. He is presently receiving ESA (in support group) DLA (middle rate) and lower rate mobility component. He gets his rent and council tax paid. I know he would be far happier and safer (he has had some terrible falls and injuries in the last couple of years and not been treated well by staff in A&E) if I stayed with him however I do not want to come along and cause all sorts of problems to him financially as it took years to get him the financial support he needed. What would be the implications if I applied to be his carer and stayed with him?I am presently working and also get a small private pension.