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Thread: Paralympian to lose mobility car...

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    This is sad and these benefit rules are harsh. However, she is clearly mobilising more than 20 metres and this has been noted.
    I should imagine that there are many paralympians who are claiming disability benefits and I wonder if this will set a trend where the DWP are on the lookout for them.
    Hope not.

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    If an error has been made in her award then hopefully this can be corrected. I am concerned though that it seems as if the manner of walking ability is not being taken into consideration, and it seems not to be at the moment. The photos say a lot about her level of walking style - it will be exhausting. If I'm honest I feel like this is the kind of story people need to read at the moment, public opinion really does seem to have forgotten about people like her.

    We won't know the full details but I really do hope things get sorted for her. She should be thinking about learning to drive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hemiman View Post
    i fully agree with you fliss, i have CP and im awaiting my changeover from DLA to Pip, so much so that im thinking when the time comes of not even applying for it as i doubt very much id get it and i just dont want the hasstle of having to prove my life long disability that will never ever improve.

    But though coping mechanisms, ive learned to adapt, so it means i dont need constant medical intervention i just plough on, so my disability is lifelong, it wiLl never change, But i need help, for instance i couldnt use public transport unless i was gauranteed a seat as i have not the balance or strength to stand, i only shower never bath and use a bath board to slide on and off with. but i don't have much supporting medical evidence. i have a feeling if i go apply for pip id get nowhere.

    Im my 40s now and my body is creeking under the strain of having to everything all my life with only one side, but like you i've been lucky enough to work. It's a terrible time especially for youngsters like this. If your applying for any benefits i wish you you all the best.
    Hemiman, there will be loads of people on indefinite awards with very little documentation to support our disabilities. I would have nothing at all if I hadn't been very unwell a few years ago. A side effect of someone like me being in bed for a few weeks was needing physio and OT support to get me home, and they wrote a report which I've kept. It might be worth starting to see if you can get any evidence - maybe speak to your GP? It will be worth it.

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