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Thread: A Flat, a Flat my Kingdom for a Flat

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    A Flat, a Flat my Kingdom for a Flat

    It is so hard to find somewhere to live.

    At present I am sleeping on my mother's sofa, a situation that my mental health team agree is not good for either my mental or physical health. Recently I received both my backdated ESA and severe disability premium, (from when I lived alone). These payments mean I have more than enough for a deposit, month rent in advance and admin charges. But NOWHERE seems to offer accommodation to people on benefits. I can't lie as they want work references.

    I tried local housing, but they could only offer shared accommodation on the other side of London. Last time I lived in shared accommodation, I had a breakdown.

    It is soooo frustrating.

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    You might take a look at this website:

    Seems to be a fairly new company.
    I can't vouch for it either way, I found it on another forum I visit that deals with all aspects of property letting - both landlords and tennants problems and views.
    Also have a checkbox on their advanced search form for "DSS OK"

    There are private landlords out there who rent exclusively to Housing Benefit claimants; and those who won't touch them.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Where exactly in the country do you live?

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    I live in Redbridge.

    Thanks Nukecad

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