Just spent an hour up at the GPs surgery.

Absolutely astounded - they keep messing up my mother's prescription for Creon (Enzymes). Asked them why? They don't want to prescribe it as it costs too much! WHAT?

November 2014 she had parts of her stomach, pancreas, spleen and entire gall bladder along with several metres of intestine cut out. Her body cannot make enzymes to digest her food and also it has a quicker pathway from mouth to exit. Without Enzymes she cannot eat, digest, take nourishment and nutriments from any food. Without the enzymes food is in and out within 5/10 minutes. She's now malnourished

Specialist dietician has advised the GP she needs 2/3 capsules with main meals - and 1/2 capsules per snack, one capsule per 3 Complan per day - she needs approximately 10 capsules per day. Doctor will only prescribe 100 tablets in a month - 10 day supply.

I am disgusted by this, the GP is literally starving my mother - she's losing on average 5kg per month (11lb). HELP? I don't know what to do, GP refuses to prescribe any more than 100 capsules due to cost. In other words she can only eat every third day.