Hey, I could use some advice about wheelchair-getting in the UK.

I have really severe fibro and some other skeletal and pain disorders, and I can most days only just get around the house (some days I can't even get to the bathroom). I can get out of the house about one day a week, and I have to be very brief in my walking. I live alone and have no-one in a position to do things for me.

So I've been badgering the doctors to give me a referral to the wheelchair people - at first they said they would if I took some tests to check for easily-curable illnesses, which I did. Now they are saying they won't ever recommend me for a wheelchair because if I "gave up walking" I would become more disabled. I already can hardly walk, but I don't know why the doctors won't do anything. It gets me down so much, I can't do anything, even get to the doctors. I've had to give up walking with a stick because my hands are very badly affected.

Do I have any other options? Is there any way I can get some advocacy for the doctors to convince them of how bad this is? Should I just not use a wheelchair? Should I get one privately and if so, can I expect to get grief from my GP over it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. xx