in case some members weren't aware but April this year if somebody provided care and support to someone over 18 they may be able to get more help from the local Council. This may include help to carry on caring or in looking after their own wellbeing.

My wife had an assessment this week which she said was very positive. A carer plan is being produced, however some of the items discussed included: single 'bonus' payment up to £250, paid domestic assistance around the home, help with attending local adult education services, wellbeing services (for example massage), care cover in case of emergencies, direct payments for her.

The care cover involves local registration and should something happen to my wife the Council would supply emergency carer cover. They also offered to inform local fire services that somebody with mobilitty issues lived in the house. I wasn't aware of that service.

For information my wife receives Carers Allowance, although you don't have to in order to obtain an assessment.