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Thread: save ILF

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    Gabriel 01

    save ILF

    Would you like to lose the freedom and control over basic aspects of your life? Think about your day - today. What have you done? When did you get up, what did you eat, when did you wash... ?

    Over 20, 000 people are confronting the terrifying reality of losing such basic freedoms. Including myself. We have to call on our allies to support the campaign to make the coalition government reconsider it's decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015.

    We are disabled people who have been deemed 'severely' disabled and we receive funding from ILF. This enables us to have choice and control over our lives with an ethic of 'what we want, when we want'. The money can be used to employ people directly, under our control, or in many flexible ways that suit each individual.

    If the ILF funding stream is stopped we risk living in worse conditions and with less freedoms than convicted criminals. In real terms this is a small amount of people, and a small amount of money.

    While thinking about the many freedoms, tiny or significant, you have today, going about your life - PLEASE pledge to sign the petition below. We want to get 100,000 signature.

    With many thanks.


    Click on this link.

    If you are a user of ILF please sign up to the letter, email to add your signature.

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    As far as I know its going on until 2015 and then something else will replace it anyway

    Have you got the details of the official decision anywhere, I would be interested to see it.

    I have a letter saying about the 2015 date, but nothing else, as far as I am concerned 2015 is long way away and there are more important things (DLA) to worry about before then
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    I do not get this, but I support the fight because we all know changes are not done to help us, but to save money. Agree with AP though, we have bigger fights right now though.
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    100% with you

    Gabriel I'm with you! I get ILF and I don't think a day goes by when I don't worry about it. My personal income albeit DLA Incapacity or ESA or PIP doesn't concern me half as much as ILF. Value beans it will have to be if I loose all that but loosing my care package is unimaginable. I hope they clarify things soon. The latest news letter promises spring will bring more information. What I do think is that the campaign to cut isn't going so well. They talk the talk but they've backed down regarding the axe of DLA to people in care homes and I've just read an article regarding the human rights act. Some lawyers seem to feel the government need to justify their need to cut DLA budgets by 20% because in itself a cut without justification ie explaining how the needs are covered by other ways, before they can simply cut us off. So I do share your worries but I have slight optimism. This optimism is spurred on by a recent experience. I've asked for an accessible kitchen (my wife and I are both wheelie users) but the request was denied from my local council. They said we get enough care and food need is covered in our care package thus they didn't need to replace the kitchen as in their eyes we always have help. Not true we only get 4 through nights care but I digress. When I talked to the council about ILF ending they had a chin wag with head of services. They came back with a no to the kitchen stating they couldnt see our package changing despite local council funding cuts or the ILF ending. So although I never take the council as gospel I do have a little hope things will turn out ok for us ILF users.

    There's 20,000 of us out there so there lots of us to support one another! Great post - this needed attention,

    Iron Side

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    It is closed to new applicants and old people never could get it. It was assessed by a regional not a council employee, so more independent and without postcode lottery Gradually, even before closure, it will be stopped.

    Some councils refuse to assess any night care need, stating that those who need it should go into institutions. Some councils say the DLA should cover all needs. Some put a child in care rather than help the mother Other councils are slashing care packages so they will no longer be giving the maximum payment, which is prerequisite for DLA.

    Central government chose to fling money at councils purportedly to pay for extra care, but refused to ring fence it, so it can go toward staff bonuses and mayoral limousines instead.

    Councils give lower budget for older adults, who therefore endure double discrimination, because the ILF they could never have is what gives younger adults a quality of life, and supplements the necessary care councils refuse to fund. There are shocking cases such as elderly bedbound paralysed people given three fifteen minute visits a day

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