Would you like to lose the freedom and control over basic aspects of your life? Think about your day - today. What have you done? When did you get up, what did you eat, when did you wash... ?

Over 20, 000 people are confronting the terrifying reality of losing such basic freedoms. Including myself. We have to call on our allies to support the campaign to make the coalition government reconsider it's decision to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015.

We are disabled people who have been deemed 'severely' disabled and we receive funding from ILF. This enables us to have choice and control over our lives with an ethic of 'what we want, when we want'. The money can be used to employ people directly, under our control, or in many flexible ways that suit each individual.

If the ILF funding stream is stopped we risk living in worse conditions and with less freedoms than convicted criminals. In real terms this is a small amount of people, and a small amount of money.

While thinking about the many freedoms, tiny or significant, you have today, going about your life - PLEASE pledge to sign the petition below. We want to get 100,000 signature.

With many thanks.


Click on this link.


If you are a user of ILF please sign up to the letter, email mail@dpac.uk.net to add your signature.