Found this case which will be very useful for me, and possibly many others on here.

This statement could apply to many that are able to attend the assessment and engage with the assessor, but have problems with other types of engaging socially.

"Being able to do so by way of an act in very limited circumstances is not as often as reasonably required even on those days when he can do so. "

Lets face it, many of us with social anxieties put up an act in order to attend the assessment. We know that we must attend the assessment in order to receive an award, so we attend despite our anxieties.

This will form the basis of my appeal for the engaging socially activity. Note that this decision was made on 30/04/15, however not added until 13/05/15. The same day as my tribunal. Given the fact that this was added the same day, its highly likely that the tribunal were unaware of this case.

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