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Thread: Future gardening!!

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    The downside to gardens is they never stop growing!

    I've got a magnificent red leafed Japanese Maple that is now being invaded by a wall climbing Virginia Creeper. The ivy has reached the guttering. The conifer trees need pruning back - all the shrubs need cutting back too.

    I even employ a gardener every two weeks to cut the grass, hoe and weed / cut the hedge - they don't actually do any gardening they just tidy it up. I wouldn't mind but I didn't really want a garden - my ex did and she no longer lives here. Typical- you just can't get the wives these days!

    Having said that I like being surrounded by greenery as it breaks down the suburbia look.

    I'll have to arrange a shrub trimming party and put a BBQ on.

    PS The cycling club had Lloyds Bank IT staff drop in volunteering for a full day repairing bikes, painting inside the clubhouse, carrying out repairs. Lloyds have adopted the club for 12 months just to offer free staff time to helping out!

    Perhaps I should nominate myself to become a charity - and look for willing volunteers for gardening duties!!

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    LT will try to. Our garden is so big I will have to take several from all different angles for the back. Same on he front.
    At least I will have a decent view from the large conservatory I have had on the back of the house.
    Money well spent for my enjoyment and I will be able to manage the weeding.

    Next year I intend to try and grow my own bedding plants from seed because I will be able to get up to the greenhouse with my frame.

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    I can access my raised borders from my patio. Done like that on purpose so I don't have to go on the grass unless I want to. In fact from the garden side I couldn't do anything at all.

    Expensive, yes well, I wouldn't like to post how much it has cost me to date and there is more to be paid for as the 2nd phase is finished.
    Third phase is the driveway which is to be tarmaced, yet more pennies.
    All for my enjoyment and accessibility.

    Can't take it with me so I may as well enjoy it whilst I can. Also it will improve the house for my daughter who will end up with it eventually.
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    H'mm several "perennials" bought last year failed to make a comeback this year. On the upside, picked the first strawberry of 2015 today!!
    I've got those & toms in containers & hanging baskets. Also various, majoram, thyme, rosemary.
    Bit despondent; was looking forward to daughter coming to help (she can't) and b/friend coming and getting involved (neither can he for for than 48 hrs) several jobs fallen by the wayside, including buying anymore. Still sposed to be running a plant stall in July.....

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    You should definitely grow your own veggies in that greenhouse of yours!! It's so much better for your system. I think it's brilliant that you're working on the garden, apparently gardening is really brilliant for your mental health and keeping up your spirits, as well as keeping fit, getting out in the fresh air and having something to do with your time. Might start a new project myself soon!

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    When we get the garden, the greenhouse will have a good mix of fruits and ornamentals.. We hope..

    My plans to spend a month @reddivine's have been foiled by lack of space at the local dialysis unit for my treatment, by which time we could have trimmed, weeded, mulched, planted and possibly added a small raised pond and a random toad!

    Goes away and explodes in frustration quietly... AAArgh.

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