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Thread: Has anyone flown with Ryanair

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    Question Has anyone flown with Ryanair

    I have booked a holiday and flying with Ryanair you have to be careful on the weight as the more take the more you pay I am a wheelchair dose any one know have I got pay for my wheelchair as well

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    You won't have to pay for your wheelchair. Baggage allowances exclude such equipment.

    You will need to inform the airline however to ensure you get the assistance you require. I'd do this as soon as possible. There is also certain criteria that the wheelchair must meet. Details can be found on their website.

    Hope you have a good holiday
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    I have flown with Ryanair and took my walking frame. There is no charge. Make sure you tell them you are taking a wheelchair, they will probably want to know sizes and weight and book assistance with them. You may get reserved seats, as their flights are usually a free for all.
    In spite of all the negative feedback they get I found that they looked after me and I couldn't fault them.
    The only thing is, the seating is tight.

    I flew to Fuerteventura with them.
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    Yeah I did a few times to Austria. It's not too bad. But yeah you don't need to pay for wheelchair =)

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    Yes we flew to Rhodes. You do not pay for a wheelchair, nor is it baggage allowance. It comes under "essential medical equipment".
    they store it in the hold during the flight. Book assistance at the airport!!!
    They will put you on first and off last but its less hassle.

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    Thank to everyone you have been very helpful

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    I flew with them recently from Glasgow to Dublin (and back of course).

    I rang their special assistance line and they were really eager to help in any way they can. In the airports it is slightly different as the assistance isn't provided by the airline but by the airport.

    On the way over the Glasgow assistance people made me feel like an inconvenience to them, then getting onto the aircraft was difficult as they put you a few seat down and my legs have very little strength in them. Arriving in Dublin was a different experience, the guys assisting were very jovial and extremely helpful. They even wheeled me all the way out of the airport and passed a huge queue onto the bus to the City Centre. I was so pleased with them and slightly embarrassed at the Scottish guys looking so bad in comparison.
    The return journey was the opposite, I was looking forward to a bit of banter with the Irish guys and they weren't interested, they just wanted to get us on the plane and out of their way. While waiting for approval to move up, they just left us in the little box alone for what felt like an eternity and again left to try get to the seat on my own, this time Ryanair hadn't even noticed someone sitting in the seats assigned for us. My legs were about to give way completely. Then arriving in Glasgow, we got a warn welcome, plenty of chat and they seen us right out to the door.

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