Things have certainly changed. First services used to be an oil and filter change at 1,000 or so miles with a quick check to see nothing has loosened for fallen off... Not any more it seems.

I'm up to 9,400 miles since I picked up the car on 2 September and the first service is due at 10,000. It's had three n/s/f tyres (kerbs and potholes), the passenger seat is stuck (no toys to be seen blocking it), a bit of trim isn't sited properly and the display/interior electronics computer can be very very slow - oh and the headlights are set far too low for country driving. Not much really wrong for a new car first service, I check the oil and it's not used any at all!

The diesel engine has loosened up a bit (and got a tad noisier), fuel consumption is a steady 55mpg on average and otherwise it's proved very able. It's not much of a drivers car, the body roll is noticeable although the tyres grip very well, performance isn't great - it's quick enough for town driving and not bad on a motorway but it isn't great for overtaking unless there is a lot of room to build up speed. I'm not a fan of the centrally located display (for everything), the buttons are a bit hit and miss on the displays and sometimes the display takes a few minutes into driving to come on. The locking system annoys the hell out of me. I get out of the car and find I can't get my son out because it's auto locked. I just forget to keep pushing the button on the dash that doesn't always unlock all the doors on first press anyway. The dash displays are not well laid out - all can be found but nothing is really logical. You learn it I guess.

The interior trim and seat tables are coping with my kids pretty well, sweets, chocolate and vomit tend to wash off well and I can get every spillage out of the seats!

The sixth and seventh seats have not proved to be so in demand as I suspected and it may be that in two and a half years the replacement will be a 5 seater instead.

I wouldn't buy a Citroen personally but I'm quite satisfied overall with it, it does what it does very well and is easy and sedate to drive. It's practical and clever in places but is very dull to drive. The ETG gearbox isn't quite the ogre some have claimed it to be, but it does have it's moments where it takes a long time to decide to go. Not something I like when pulling into traffic and you want to zip out - it might not go for a couple of seconds! I suspect that if it wasn't about advance payments the car to go for in this class is the S-Max Titanium - but they are quite a bit more money. I wonder if the new model will have as many features as the Citroen...