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Thread: Should I actually write each pip descriptor and say why I find this difficult?

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    Smile Should I actually write each pip descriptor and say why I find this difficult?

    [I][Hello to all

    I'm getting nervous as my hearing date is coming up on 14th May 2015. I have a W/advisor helping me but I'm worried as I've barely heard from her but I'm sure she must be so so busy. Thats why I'm doing some of the ground work by myself and help through you guys on here. I desperately need help as you all understand on here.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask how I write something regarding descriptors I've disputed for example should I write it like this:

    Title it like this....
    Dressing and undressing ........and then write something like this underneath it...

    I dispute this because there are lots of times I am not able to dress or undress myself because of ...and then put the reason why

    Thanks to you guys on here I've just asked my GP for a summary report. When I did the receptionist asked me what kind of report so I asked for a summary of my referrals, appointments and diagnosis. Shes on it for me and is asking if my GP would like to add anything to this. I don't know whether I'll need this report but I have to make sure I've done as much as I can as I am in desperate need of help.

    I'm not looking for sympathy when I say here that I've been crying today in fear of not getting any help.
    The reason being is that when I filled that huge form in over a few weeks I was going through weeks and weeks of constant sleeping and weakness.
    When I did the MRec I could barely do anything so all I did was phone them and say....well rubbish actually as I was severely fatigued. I didn't even know I could write stuff to ask them to reconsider. This is honest to gods truth but that's to late now. So I'm trying to be as specific as I can to try to explain how badly my life has changed.

    Sorry for going on. Anyway am I on the right track with how to write it?
    All thoughts truly appreciated

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    What conditions do you have? (Various disability charities can give advice that's tailored to your condition).

    Finding the descriptors that apply to you are a good way of preparing any statement you wish to submit.

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    Hi Withnail

    I have CFS/ME very very badly along with sjorgrens disease, underactive thyroid, depression early onset of oesteoarthritus. I'm so physically and mentally weak it's awful

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    Hi Flowers,

    Action for ME have a very useful guide on this - (pages 4-5 I think answers your question):

    The organisation Fightback also recommend that you keep a diary for one week, outlining how your health affects your day to day life.

    A template diary for ME:
    A template diary for depression/anxiety:

    And finally a blank diary for you:

    Hope that's manageable/ helpful!


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    Oh thankyou so much Withnail. I've just closed my laptop as I need a break but will check later on. ....No I can't wait I will try vis my phone now.
    Thanking you kindly

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    No worries, hope that proves useful and good luck with the appeal.

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    Hi Withnail I had to look :O)...cant thank you enough! I'm exhausted now so Ill look again tomorrow or next day. Ive already printed of the diary as very helpful.
    Kindest Regards

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    Hi Withnail
    The sites so helpful!
    Thanking u again

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