I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on ESA, Permitted work, clawback and working tax credits. I am really confused and am trying to work out what will be best to do.

I get ESA at the moment (Support Group) , I do permitted work of 2 hours a week and get between £10-£90 a week depending on the month as my business has high profit margins.I have previously posted on permitted work and clawback and am still waiting on ESA and decision makers for an outcome. If they decide I owe them money, this is where my problem comes in.

I am in the support group and I have heard from a disability charity I am entitled to do permitted work under £101 a week under 16 hours - indefinitely. At the moment this isn't the case as I had no idea that when my assessment group came through that they didn't sort it all out their end! So I am apparently on the 52 weeks one still. My 52 weeks is up and they are reassessing my claim, so i'm guessing they will say stop permitted work or stop esa. Wonderful. Why don't they give me an appointment with someone from the Job Centre to explain it all.

I have seen on disability forums a lady had a particular 4-5 month fight for esa to admit as she was in the support group she could do permitted work indefinitely, they stopped her money for months and she had no money for food, bills etc… before deciding she was actually correct all along and was entitled to it indefinitely! I am going to have a similar fight on my hands as my 52 weeks is up and to be honest, I can't cope with any more stress in my life and if I had to go through something similar I would probably 99.9% kill myself or just say sod it all and claim nothing (Which at the current political climate seems like they would want!!). So to save myself the stress of it all I was wondering if it would be less stressful to try and push myself to do 16 hours on my business, working on my laptop in bed drugged up to the eyeballs on Morphine… and sign on to Working Tax Credits instead under the 16 hour disabled element.

If ESA decide to clawback some money from the problem mentioned previously, can they claw this back from Working Tax Credits instead? Or will I be classed as 'working' and they can just say we want £x in full immediately? Can they set debt collectors on me as I would no longer be classed as unemployed?

Will it affect my PIP if they stop my ESA because of the 52 week rule?

I'm literally going insane trying to work this all out. It would be helpful if I could speak with someone from the job centre, but last time I did that they weren't much help.