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Thread: Body drier

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    Body drier

    We are about to have a wet room installed. My husband struggles lift his arms and to dry himself. He can stand at present although this may become more difficult as the disease progresses. A body drier sounds just what he needs to preserve a measure of independence but we would welcome any comments from someone who has experience with one. (We are also looking at a bio-bidet but it is much easier to get information about these.)

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    Hi Susan39,

    I looked into this before for myself. For me it was just too costly - therefore have no experience of using a body drier.

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    Body Dryer

    We had an " Apres Body Dryer" supplied by a company called first class wet rooms, although lots of companies supply the same equipment. The dryer cost £510 to buy and a friend fitted it. The installation was relatively simple. One electric supply and two fixings into the bathroom wall. The 2 pieces of air trunking just fit into each other, and into the heater / blower module at the top, and a non slip foot at the base.

    My wife has balance problems so trying to dry herself by towel was a real safety issue. The body dryer is great. She holds onto a grab rail on the bathroom wall and moves from one side to the other. It works great.

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    I would not hesitate in recommending the Apres body dryer. The manufacturers have sold countless numbers of them and they are the only body dryer that is manufactured in the U.K and fully tested for distribution world wide. I would rather have something that is manufactured here with all of the guarantees and warranties that you would expect. Rather than something manufactured overseas. Yes I do have a vested interest. I own stepfreewetrooms and yes we do sell them. However, this is genuinely not my motivation for this post. I am offering a genuine recommendation for this equipment as I genuinely consider it to be a top class product that I am sure will benefit not only your husband, but actually is really nice to use for the able bodied too. Obviously you do not need to purchase from us. Please Google it and find your best price. I wish you luck in your search, but wherever you buy it from rest assured it does exactly what it says on the tin.

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    This sounds interesting and when I plan to create a wet room I'll certainly look into it.

    Ever thought of a Japanese toilet seat . . .

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