Im on esa at the moment and have been for about 6 months. prior to this ive always been either a student or working, apart from a few short gaps. I dont want to be on long term ESA but getting off it is tricky. I dont want to take any old job, it not work out and me being back at the job centre in a few months.

Given my problems are largely based about social issues, (social anxiety and awaiting autism assessment) then i think something that minimizes my social contact would be a good fit.

Ive always had a strong interest in computers and would love to study this to allow me to eventually work in a computer related job. Programming or web design would be great. potentially meaning i could work from home.

There are two problems with this however.

I already have a degree so am unlikely to get funding for a second degree.

What happens to my money whilst im a student

As much as id love to be a full time student again, Im thinking part time may be the route to go as its less likely to effect my ESA. It may mean id have to fund it myself though.

Any ideas if DWP will ever fund further study? Them assessing me and putting me into WRAG, Then sending me to an advisor that is clueless and just after a big bonus by pushing me into work is unlikely to help anyone.

Ive got a feeling that come assessment time, ill probably be put into WRAG as although i have problems, I still feel that given the right position, id be able to work.