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Thread: Returning to study to help me retrain for a new career

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    What was your first degree in? I don't think anybody has asked that yet. You can always do a Masters or Post-Graduate course as long as you meet the entry requirements which is usually having good grades and a relevant degree (but you don't even always need a relevant degree).
    My original degree was in psychology and sociology. I only just straped by with a 3rd. Very close to a 2:2 though. I did get accepted on a masters course years ago. Unfortunetly i couldnt get the loan to cover my fees/living costs for a year. Would have been an amazing experience if i had been able to. the second semester was in Shanghai.

    If i had the financial ability to return to university, id definitely do it.

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    All things considered, taking the choice to apply for a Master's qualification in Germany is simple. Be that as it may, for some global understudies who have no earlier learning about the German instruction framework carrying on an PhD in Germany application for an ace course is somewhat scary.

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    Returning to study to help me retrain for a new career

    I want to help in your study, you can ask any question, I found the solution of your problem. I will be interested in more similar topics.

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    Returning to study to help me retrain for a new career

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