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Thread: Word of warning ATOS assessments

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    Hi, I've been following this with interest and am waiting for DWP to send the bundle. It's all doing my head in to the point where I feel I can't think straight any more. I wish they would do a paper based assessment on me but I fear I will have to go to tribunal which will be interesting as I can't hear what they will be saying to me - will be very frustrating. I just hope that DWP will back off now that I've asked for tribunal and specifically said what points i think i should have and why.

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    CharlieBear, I know exactly how you feel as many of us are all in the same boat. Many people have reported that perseverance is vital to be able to have a good chance of winning. If it does go to a tribunal, you are allowed to take someone with you, i.e. family member, friend, welfare benefits advisor, etc to assist you. If I have to go to a tribunal for mine, I will meet my benefits advisor and discuss what my options are. If all fails, my mother is happy to fight on my behalf as she also feels strong about this. And good luck to the panel as once she gets going, she gets going lol.

    Don't forget CharlieBear, they can only say you can do certain activities, on the basis of, that you meet ALL of the 4 reliability criteria (i.e. safely, timely manner, acceptable standard, repeatedly). If you can't, then it's your responsibility to produce the relevant medical evidence to back up your argument of what you think you should be awarded, as they have to be persuaded that it's more likely to occur than not. Medical evidence can really help things. If you're unsure about anything else, let us know and I can try offer my advice. My heads been stuck in all this PIP stuff since they first wrote to me in January lol so I have some insight into it :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisg11 View Post
    Oops I thought your previous post was sent too early as it said "Chris, just to give you a little info" and I was waiting for you to continue writing and I've just refreshed my page and now I can see all what you've written. My apologies, please ignore my previous post at 4:24pm.

    That's great news, I'm very pleased for your neighbour and that he/she got what they deserve.

    I've been honest in my forms and assessment, all supplied with various medical evidence and because I've been too honest and quite open, I've learnt lessons now as I only got 2 points daily living and 0 points mobility for PIP. I made it very clear that I need support/help/assistance with some activities and I constantly referred to the reliability criteria as well throughout.

    If your neighbour is partially/fully deaf and has no other health conditions/disability, then it's amazing that they've got enhanced daily and mobility for PIP as I've not heard or read anywhere that deaf people have been awarded PIP yet.

    Thanks Beth, much appreciated :-) x
    Yup just one ear loss of sound completely, pretty open to say no other medical conditions was an issue apart from depression was in his previous DLA claim however he's not on antidepressants currently, he scored 13 points for daily living, 12 for mobility which he uses that for the motability scheme, not to sure if there's perhaps been a mix up so I've mentioned he should maybe request a assessment report or DM report to be safe, I've mentioned this forum to him hopefully he pops on to give you a little more info, I'm not an expert on MR nor tribunals, again best of luck I hope you get a result at the end

    Beth x

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    Ah that's interesting as I am profoundly deaf in both ears and have been since birth. I do wear a cochlear implant and this does give me some basic hearing. I only got awarded 2 points daily living (and this was for wearing an aid) and 0 points for mobility. But very pleased for him to get the award, as it is very difficult for many of us to get a look in, even on a standard rate.

    Hope he does pop on as incase I'm unsuccessful with my MR outcome, I would really like to hear from him and get a few pointers.

    Thanks for your input though Beth, it's given me a glimmer of hope, as each day that passes whilst waiting for my MR result, I become more unsure and nervous especially that I not heard about deaf people getting PIP.

    Chris x

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