I'm new to this site-excuse any naevity! I was stopped Dla in Sept 2013,set up appeal,that has taken 19months to be heard.That was on 9th of April 2015'
Out of the blue,in Aug 2014,Dwp brought in Criminal case,to go back to 2009.for recovery of monies paid.that was heard on 10th April,Court ruling found I was NOT guilty of fraud charge,as consultant said,standing as witness,I was in the top 5% of severe asthmatics in UK.I also found out I had had PIP,awarded on appeal.
My confusion lies in,what takes precedence.Dwp decision or Criminal Court ruling-obviously it's the weekend,no-one to ring.19months of hell.2 respiratory/coronary arrests,and I'm no further forward! Your thoughts be much appreciated