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    Well, my lodgers short-term contract finishes a week on Friday and she's not too concerned. She says she's planning on going to Greece for a while while out of work. I'm guessing that she must have savings as she doesn't seem to bothered.

    Very much a hand to mouth existence being in and out of work - I'd be stressed out in her position but she appears quietly chilled out - very suspicious!

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    Not that suspicious.

    Certain jobs are in quite high demand and you can just walk into a new one, Legal Secretary seems to be one of these.

    Where I live we have a lot of contractors, they come for a couple of months work on Sellafield nuclear site, get finished and start a new job elswhere the week after. (Another nuclear site, Heathrow, Crossrail, etc. they seem to move about the big projects regularly).
    You often see them back again in six months time, working on a different part of the site.

    And they get paid a shedload of money for being flexible and moving about like this.
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