Sonia Baker, 85 from Great Abington and who lives with severely restricted mobility, has regained independence thanks to a life-changing, state-of-the-art Balder powered wheelchair donated by several local and military charities.

Sonia now owns a F290 Balder electric wheelchair manufactured in Scandinavia by Etac thanks to donations from several charities. The fundraising was tirelessly co-ordinated by Stephen Coleman, Sonia’s Divisional Caseworker from SSAFA – the UK’s oldest national military charity that supports current serving, veterans and the families of both. SSAFA donated substantially to Sonia’s cause alongside the Royal Marine Association, Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, Royal British Legion and a local charity ‘Wheel’s for Martin’s Friends’.

Sonia is married to ex-Royal Marine Anthony Baker, 86, who was responsible for Commando training during the Second World War. Read more: