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Well that was a long night. Some big names have gone. Although I believe Labour will do better without Ed Balls, but so much will depend on the new leader. George Galloway losing his seat is excellent news. I'm very pleased for Ms Shah the new Labour MP.

The Conservatives have much work to do, especially in Scotland. A UK Government should have representation across the nation. However, the situation now means both the Conservatives and SNP need to constructively engage. I hope they do.
Well said vantage i agree ed balls was a p*at did you see him trying to dance holy moly and thats without his attitude i once wrote to him his wife harriot harmen about the dreaded in to esa and i got no answer to be fair to tony blair he did write back to me,
And also my local con mp also is very helpfull when i had to transfer from ib to esa and my dla review in 2012 but i think all parties would be better with a coalition as when they have full power it seems to go to there head and they really think they can do as they like as in the poll tax and even this bedroom tax.
Im saying that disabled that have had major adaptions in there properties should really have been exempted from the tax.