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Thread: I need help with my garden

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    There is free help available
    They are charitable grants
    They ask for proof of income,disability etc and costings
    They like before and after photos
    They prefer if you can get free labour,and to just fund materials,as obviously their pot is limited
    I plan to apply in April when they have a new budget,for the final and most steep bit of mine
    Will have eldest son round to do work for free
    Will send photos and costings for the wood required

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    When my daughter got her bungalow ( local authority ).
    We got permission to first take the small window in what is supposed to be the second bedroom.

    Her garden is on a slope, we had a larger than normal door to replace the window and decking ramp which led on to decking patio.
    We put up a garden fence as there wasn't one, and we were having problems with dog poo on her lawn.

    The rest was lawn which we had a landscape gardener to pebble and secure 3 garden ornaments.

    Have to admit it's not cheap to have done but at least she can access her back garden onto patio and all is needed in maintenance on the fence and decking.
    Sea Queen

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    The cost was horrendous but at least now I have a garden I can access and a patio I can sit on.

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