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Thread: Survey to Improve Wheelchair Comfort

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    Survey to Improve Wheelchair Comfort


    We are a group of students from Colorado State University researching possible improvements to wheelchair seat design with hopes to improve comfort. We have put together a five question survey about wheelchair seat comfort to help further our analysis. If you have a moment, please copy and paste the link into your browser and take our survey. Thank you for your time!

    The survey is powered through Qualtrics.

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    Just did it. That is a rubbish survey, with no room for feedback.
    Am I cold in the wheelchair? Yes, cuz in the UK its bloody windy and your LEGS get cold. Heated seat won't alter that.
    Heated seat will not alter the fact that when it rains (as it frequently does in UK), if your seat gets wet, your bum get wet.
    Waterproof trousers are my answer. Because how is this seat heated and does rain affect said system of heating.
    wheelchair seat design covers WAY more than heating!!!

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    It's funny that they are doing a survey on wheelchair seats as I had no idea how expensive an ergonomic cushion can be.

    The one I'm looking at is a Jaws J2 Deep Contour cushion which will cost just short of 500!

    The qualities that are important to me are comfort and stability. It has pre-contoured foam base with a fluid pack to prevent skin breakdown. It will also help with improved support and is anatomically designed to promote pelvic stability and lower posture.

    There's also a section cut out at the back to protect the coccyx (tail bone).

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