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Thread: Has anyone else had to ask their GP to fill in the Activities and Descriptors?

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    Has anyone else had to ask their GP to fill in the Activities and Descriptors?

    Good evening All,

    Well the letter arrived today and what my advisor had done for me is this, she's wrote a letter for me (I signed it) asking my Doctor to fill in the Activities and Descriptors for Daily living Activities and Mobility Activities. I've just phoned my GP and she's asked me to drop it in today, so I did that 20 mins ago

    Has anyone else had to just hand over a form to their GP?

    My concerns are these, how will my GP know how my living activities are affected? How will she know how far I can walk unless I tell her. How will she she know I don't cook anymore unless I tell her? She knows I've have very weak muscles for approx 1 1/2 years. She knows I have severe fatigue as she referred me to the CFS in Nuneaton (nothing showed in bloods). She knows I have had back problems for years and she's aware I've been to physio for breathing exercises (didn't help much) and breathing is unbelievably bad. She knows my arms have been burning and are red and hot.

    My GP is a good decent human being but she's so busy and is a bit fed up of seeing me with all my mystery ailments and bloods showing nothing, but sounded glad to fill in the form when I spoke to her on the telephone.

    Has anyone else had to do this? If so did it go ok?

    Thanking you all

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    I'm actually surprised that your GP would agree to do that! It may be helpful but I wouldn't let that take the place of describing your problems in your own words. Your right when you say GPs don't normally know exactly how your condition affects you and are more likely to make generalised statements when what is needed are specific and accurate statements about your difficulties, backed up by medical evidence. I would take a good look at what your GP has written and make sure it does not contradict anything you say.

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    Thank you cat lover.

    What I'm wondering is will she look at my past health records? will she ask me? She could even refuse couldn't she saying she doesn't know how she could possibly comment. I think I will finish writing how it all affects me and take it in with me on Weds when I see her for an appt
    Thanking You kindley

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    Curious has your GP seen/witnessed you getting in and out of the shower/bath, going to the toilet, making a cup of tea, prepare a meal and make a bed?

    These descriptors are about our very personal lives, crawling out of bed, dropping a drink, trying to sit down or stand up in the comfort of our own home. My GP certainly hasn't seen me and wouldn't complete such a form.

    Never known anyone have a GP do this before.

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