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Thread: Like confirmation-PIP postcodes!

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    Like confirmation-PIP postcodes!

    Hi, am trying to confirm and would greatly appreciate confirmation that from reading the PIP postcode maps that are available online, that postcodes, specifically 'BL, OL, SK and CW' that appear around the Manchester area, are not yet 'live' to those who are receiving DLA indefinitely?

    I know that all new claims for DLA are now to be treated as PIP claims and other areas, if receiving a DLA change of circumstances, would be invited to claim PIP, but I am after somebody who would doublecheck the above scenario, please.

    Once known, will be able to let other know for certain what route to take and possible outcomes. As ever, many thanks.

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    Hi Spencer. My turn to to repay your kind reply to my previous post re: PIP reassessment areas. I have checked on the benefits and work website. The BL OL SK and CW are still not up for PIP reassesment yet.
    Kind regards Nina x

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    Many, many thanks, Nina. This is what I thought, as it appears the same on CAB website. Can't help thinking why only certain postcodes, or what appears to be the majority that are now subject to PIP, even those on indefinite DLA with potential change of circumstances!

    One of my faults is that I can overthink matters and can get people so muddled as there is so much that needs to be known, certainly around all recent welfare reform changes, speed with which they have all been brought in and the way this has happened. I wouldn't be surprised for anybody in the non affected postcodes, relying on the info as we have clarified, that they thinking they reporting a CofC's under DLA, only to receive a PIP application in the post, which seems to have happened at least once on 'Rightsnet' (the website strictly for use by welfare rights advisors for welfare rights advisors).

    Can't recall nature of my response to your post Nina, but hoping it assisted you. Have to go and look it up when next able! Take care.

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