Today, when I went to my car, it looked like the front left wheel was a little deflated. Had it pumped up at the supermarket. Shopped etc came out and thought it still looks flat.

Drove gently round the corner to Kwik-Fit (never used before).

What outstanding service I received. The gent who came out instantly saw the blue badge, asked my name even before I got out of the vehicle. By the time I made my way to the office three others had already dashed in.

He'd put my name on the list - which was a relief as I would have been fourth in the queue. The others were all dealt with at the office desk.

I went into the office and he told me to take a seat, he would be over. Do you need a drink, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water. He then joined me and sat down to complete the paperwork.

When my car was sorted, etc he was incredibly helpful, don't rush, please take your time etc.. after sorting out paperwork etc. He went off and brought the car to the main door about five feet away. Wow - fantastic - must say I was pleased with the service.

This was so different for the other non disabled customers, before me and during my wait. Really can't fault the service.

Doesn't it make a pleasant change to be treated with respect and some dignity and acknowledging I'm going to be slower than other customers (with no pressure).

P.S. I had driven over a nail (grrrrr).