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Thread: Gateway Employability Activity ?? I have anxiety.

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    Gateway Employability Activity ?? I have anxiety.

    I have anxiety. I have had anxiety for almost a year. Anyone who has anxiety will understand what I mean when I say I cannot cope in certain situations. I need to get out. Sometimes it only takes the smallest thing. Sometimes it seems like it doesnt take anything.

    I have been claiming ESA. I have had a medical. I was deemed not fit to work. My GP has deemed me not fit to work.

    Now I have a letter telling me it is MANDATORY that I attend a Gateway Employability Activity every day for 3 hours for 2 weeks. If I do not attend, my money will stop.

    I fear I will be unable to attend. I fear I simply wont be able to cope. Can anyone give me any advice?

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    Not heard of Gateway Employability Activity. It sounds like you are receiving ESA Work Group benefits?

    Hopefully someone will pop along to give further advice. I'm in the Support Group - so don't attend anything.

    The fact they say its MANDATORY - especially as you suffer from anxiety (yes I've suffered from it and still suffer with it in different situations). When I'm like that I need personal spacce, lock myself away.

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