Hi everyone, New on here. Just looking for any advice really.

My husband suffers Ankylosing Spondylitis, aswell as Anxiety/Depression and dyslexia, he claimed ESA & DLA in 2010 after being diagnosed with AS, he passed his first medical and was put into the support group, however second medical he failed with 0 points, we started the appeal, however at the time it was so stressful and my husband struggles explaing things, and takes alot of time to process things.

Anyway he struggles with alot of things, he has alot of pain in his back and knees, and frequently has flare up which can render him completely bed ridden. He's on 2 types of medication (for his AS and Anxiety/Depression) and no longer takes Tramadol as it causes some nasty side effects.

Anyway, we have applied to ESA and PIP now just awaiting to hear back. My husband is struggling as this is causing him some very low moods, Im prepared to fight for him to the end this time, just curious how rocky this road is going to get with Maximus taking over assesments.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.