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    Unhappy Advice needed if anybody can

    Hyia guys this is my first post in here so be gentle lol. Im 30yr old female i suffer with fibromyalgia depression anxiety and arthritis. Im new to all this benifits thing because i have always worked, however over the last 2 years things have got worse and i am now signed off work by my doctor and currently recieve ESA, ( not sure which one ) Im currently waiting for the face to face assesment for my PIP claim and im so concerned that the assessor will just thing im trying to get any benifit i can instead of working, the thing is my condition varies every day, i am constantly exhausted I need to have a nap during the day or 2 if I am up early, every day i am in pain although every day somewhere different hurts along with my usual pain from the arthritis in my spine, now i can appreciate yes i can move my arms and legs pretty much fine but continuous movement causes pain and my walking ability varies sometimes i can walk up to 200 meters, once i get that far i need to start using a crutch as the pain starts and if i dont then stop i suffer terribly through the night and into the next day. I havent left the house alone since aug i struggle to be out for more than four hours because i just get so tired, weak and that then affects my pain. i cant use trains or buses anymore because of the waiting around, the possibility of having to stand and just generally the bumping about hurts, takes longer to get places and back with with the fatigue i suffer with is just impossible. My doctor has recently reffered me to a neurologist because i have got problems with my memory and speech EG cant cook because i forget its in, when im talking i may say a different word to what ive thought ive said and get corrected constantly or half the time i just forget the word im looking for or stop half way through a sentence and forget what i was saying. My hubby has to come everywhere with me because i just cant face going out on my own he has to do all the cooking and all of the looking after the house kids etc, he needs to remind me to take my tablets and come to every appointment because i will just forget what i need to say or what the doc has told me what i need to do. theres so much more but i just dont know how i can get this over to the assessor, i really dont want a physical exam because it will cause me problems later on in the day, and sometimes into the next day. I know all of this sounds mad but its my life, how do i explain that to someone who doesnt know me to advise someone who has never met me whether i qualify or not for PIP. I look fine on the outside but inside im falling apart, how can i get them to believe me???

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    Hi bex and welcome.

    Start keeping a diary, this will help you. Start from when you wake up, and write everything down. Some things might seem insignificant but keep notes anyway. When we live with an illness/condition etc for a long time, we adjust our lifestyle etc and tend to take for granted the adjustments we make. But to someone without the illness/condition, these adjustments would be seen as significant.

    Remember with PIP, it is not what illnesses/conditions you have but how you are affected by them. This is why a diary helps to show how your daily life is impacted.

    An example; When I wake up, I need my partner to help me sit up in bed. I then rest for 5 minutes and then my partner helps me by moving my legs round to enable me to hold on to him and the bed rail. I then stand up, (this can make me dizzy), I then use my walking stick and my partners support to walk the short distance to the bathroom. Just this small amount of movement/walking makes me breathless/ leaves me in a lot of pain/ is exhausting.

    I suggest you also read the "sticky" thread about PIP. It contains a lot of info and advice. A lot of forum members have put their experiences on the thread.
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