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    Hello Guys & Girls.
    After having my E.S.A. stopped I'm now a "Job Seeker"..... do any of you know of any websites that I can search?
    The "Commitments" that I've been given to qualify for this benefit whilst my claim for E.S.A. is being "reconsidered" thankfully are quite small at just 2 a week... but when it's something you haven't done for a while, knowing where to "start" looking is a bit of a mystery for me ?
    Just for the record..... my E.S.A. was stopped due to me being "fit for work"... and yet they sent me a letter yesterday telling me that I'll still receive the Premiums, that somebody with my conditions is entitled to....? ? funny hey??

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    For a start, every job that is displayed at any job centre in the country is available on their website - a bit of googling (or search on should find it.

    Then think of potential employers in your area - especially big retailers as they often have vacancies - and look on their own websites. They often advertise there, and then only submit jobs to JobcentrePlus if they don't get a response.

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    They often tell jobseekers to search in the indeed website
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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