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    Esa experience

    I first claimed Esa on February 18th last year. Was put on assessment amount for someone over 25. As there was backlog for Atos medical I wasn't seen by them until September 23 where I was assessed by the most horrible so called medical professional I've ever had the misfortune to meet. His mind was made up before I took one step through that door. I was phoned about two weeks later by Dwp decision maker and told I'd received 0 points and immediately taken off Esa. After asking advice from welfare rights I had to claim jsa until my reconsideration had been decided. Decision came in 10 days later saying they had upheld first decision. I now wrote to say I wished to appeal the decision.Once i received letter from court and tribunal service saying they were willing to hear my appeal I was now able to go back on assessment phase of Esa and no longer have to sign on for jsa as long as my GP was supplying fit notes (which she was) It took until December 20th before I received Esa payment due to a lot of conflicting advice from my local job centre staff and the Esa. I thought my appeal date would be months away so I was quite shocked when letter came in over Xmas period informing me my appeal would be heard on January 12th. I attended with my oldest daughter and a representative from welfare rights. It was nerve wracking but I knew I was in the right and hoped they'd be fair. I was asked to sit in waiting room while they made decision. About 15 minutes later they called welfare rep in. He came back out and handed me a notice and said I'd won my appeal and would be put in income based work related group. I am still on assessment money just now and had been told by esa staff several times after phoning that I would still have to obtain fit notes from my GP until such time as tribunal service had informed esa of my successful appeal. They would then pay me correct amount of esa and sometime after that any backdated payments due would be paid into my account. I'm sorry this post is so long. I thought it might help someone else who may be unsure of process to read of my experience. I phoned esa yesterday and said it had now been 5 weeks since my appeal and had they heard from tribunal yet. She looked up my case and said there was nothing at all on about appeal and I'd also need a fit note to receive my payment which is due on Monday.I asked if it was normal for it to take so long to be informed of a successful appeal. It was only that she then said we normally hear from tribunal service about two weeks after your appeal win and then it takes approx another 8 weeks to sort money out. That I then questioned the fact she'd said there was no note at all on system about my appeal and surely if it's normally two weeks then there should be something on system. She now said that I should contact Tribunal service to make sure they'd sent it. I phoned them immediately to be told that they had posted and e-mail ed to inform them of my appeal win the 'very next day' after my appeal had been heard. The really helpful girl at tribunal office said unfortunately she couldn't resend it unless Esa informed her they'd not received it. I then phoned back Esa but of course got another office in different part of uk so had to explain it all again. She said she'd try and find out what had happened and that someone would phone me within 3 hours. Nearly 3 hours passed when I received phone call from a woman at esa that I think is my local office and the one who pays my money. She said they'd now had notice e-mailed over from tribunal service and that she would deal with sorting out my money in next couple of days and that I'd also be sent a letter in few days explaining everything.I asked about fact I'd been told I'd need another fit note to receive Monday's payment. She said after a successful appeal you should no longer need to provide these but that she'd double check if I needed one. I was told I definitely didn't need one. She then told me if you're due any arrears that will be paid too. The problem I have is I thought she then said but I don't think you are due any as you've been on assessment phase??? ???? but I need to add here that my hearing is atrocious. I had thought after reading many forums that the extra amount of approx £29 I would have been paid had I been put in the wrag group after my Atos medical would have to be backdated to 14 weeks after I first claimed in February.I could've got this wrong. I thought as first decision was overturned which is what it says in notice I have that it now basically overrides the decision atos made but I might be wrong. Does anyone know?I'm in no way money grabbing but as I have a daughter of 11 who still lives at home. It would come in help a lot and also towards paying for the many expensive Esa phone calls. Again please forgive me that this is so long. I just thought it might be helpful to someone. Also anyone waiting after successful appeal should maybe make sure nothing's been lost in the system. Nikki

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    Nikki or elliane45 please could you break your post up into paragraphs.

    As it is, it is very difficult to read.


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    As rich says that is difficult to read like that, please edit it to split it up.

    However I have picked out that your are concerned about the back payment of the WRAG component.

    You are correct this should be paid as from the 14th week of your claim.

    Check this when you get a letter about payments; we have seen cases recently where they have tried to pay it only from the date that the appeal was lodged.
    (Its all to do with the mess of putting people on JSA whilst under Mandatory reconsideration then back on ESA when appealing).

    If they try this with you, get on the phone to complain and they will put it right.
    (Wonder how much they have saved in this way when people don't know to challenge it)?
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Oops sorry,you're absolutely right.
    Thanks for replying anyway.
    I contacted ESA today and have been told that my money has been sorted to reflect higher payment this Monday.
    Also backdated payments will be in my account tomorrow. Money has been backdated to June last year.
    Thank you.
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