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Thread: motability handover date

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    motability handover date


    has anyone got any knowledge of the motability scheme.

    have ordered the car, it is in dealership waiting for me to collect it, was i could have it Thurs 12th, then they say mon 16th for definate.

    Got phonecall today stating that motability handn't given them a handover date for the car and that i cant have it till they do, i said surely you would have known this when you gave me the first date last week. They said they cant do anything till they speak to motability on monday to get a handover date.

    I have had a letter dated 3rd feb stating i have been approved for the scheme, wat car i have ordered etc and my pin for collecting the car, but it doens't give a date on it. The only date i have on any paperwork is the est del date of 12th from the dealership

    Just wondered how this handover date worked and if by some magic will i get my car on the 16th as promised.

    I hate weekends at all businesses are closed and i have to wait till monday, its the not knowing lol

    oh the joys, thanks in advance, sorry bout the long post


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    I had a call from my dealership this afternoon to say my vehicle will be with them by the end of the week and I should be able to collect it at the beginning of March.(I requested the beginning of March for collection). They are waiting for DWP & Motability to speak with each other over payment dates and then Motability will give a release date. they can't release it until they get that permission.

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    Hi I also had the same problem with mine it's all to do with getting your pip payments sorted and going through to mobility.that's what it was with mine is frustrating when the car is sat there though.

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    thanks for the post much appreciated


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    quick update

    we are getting the car today as promised arnold clark has been fantastic, the girl who was doing the motability wasn't accreddited to do the job and was getting trained, although she was very nice and appeared competent, she had messed up a bit with the application.

    The motability specialist had left the dealership, and she was working under the guidance of another specialist not on the premisis!!!!

    Well to cut a long story short, she hadn't given a delivery date to motability, she had only applied for the safe date on friday so motability will release the car, which should have been done a week ago as it takes 72hrs to come back so motability get paid for the car from pip. So instead she had given me loads of cock and bull stories as to why we couldn't have the car, but none of it correct, as it was a paperwork mess up.

    Only found this lot out after contacting motorbitlity who said my paperwork was incomplete and they wouldn't release the car until it was resent.

    Arnold Clark been fantastic and has resent paperwork, and their manager has also agreed to pay a fine to motability as they are going to release the car today, the fine is for the early release of the car which they are not supposed to as they havn't got the safe date yet.

    Motability said they can do this if Arnold Clark agreed to pay a fine, which they have agreed to do as every thing is now in place but safe date wont be for another week.

    So its happy days for me and i can go and pick the car up at 5 today, am soooooo pleased as we have booked to go away for the weekend on friday and i thought i would have to cancel the holiday


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    Usually it is for Motability to arrange the tax and sort out registering the car - that can take between 1 and 4 days (usually).
    In your case it would still have only been released when those had been completed.

    I assume they have completed that part now, but Motability will now not get your DLA/PIP money for a further week (so 2 weeks wait instead of the usual 1 for them), and so they have issued a fine to recoup their losses.

    The lady training should not have resorted to lying, surely she could have called Motability while you waited and owned up to her mistake. It's better to have the truth than to lie, especially as a car dealer!

    My experiences of Arnold Clark have also been outstanding, I even emailed (& tweeted) a recommendation for their advisor who went above and beyond to get me a test drive in an automatic.
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    Hi Paul

    yes Arnold Clark have done above and beyond to help us due to all the messing around, cant fault them at all as we had another issue wen we went to pick up the car.

    Upon getting there, the car was throwing up a fault when plugged into the computer diagnostics, and i was like omg what else can go wrong, and i was so close to saying, shove it where the sun dont shine, but one again the manager came up trumps.

    he had arranged for me to have a courtesy car which was all ready for us when we arrived, same car mazda 3, but with a slightly lower spec, but hey who's complaining lol.

    he also said if the fault cant be repaired within 2 days he will source another car for me asap and we can keep the courtesy car till ours is ready. He also said that they are going to knock some money off the advance payment as a good will guesture which i think is more than fair of them

    So all in all a good result but not the one i had hoped for lol


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