Hi Folks

Can anyone point me in the right direction pls?

A few years ago I was allowed to do a job under permitted hours rule (PWH).
I needed this job not for the money, but to get the mundane day out of my life.

After a while I went to the DEA (who is, and was a bitch) to ask if I could get some meaningful training for possible employment. And she arranged for me to see a woman from the Shaw Trust.

I got to the premises and gave my name, and then this bloke came to me and said that a Mrs. X was not conducting the interview but he was instead. (I usually record all conversations like this as I have quite serious memory problems, but my phone was being repaired)
And basically after cutting this story short he told me that I need a proper job and get off benefits. I have a very good idea this bloke was from DWP…

Basically the DWP set me up, although I cannot prove this!
Right I will get to the point….

I really do need a job/training to improve my mental well being but I am afraid because of the above of being set up by the DWP.
Are there any people out there who are doing the permitted hours rule. And if there are, could you explain of any pitfalls you have or preferably have not had to deal with?

One of the rules I have heard is that if you manage to do the (PWH) for a lengthy period then they deem you as fully fit for work, and move you off benefits.

Can anyone help pleeeeaaaaassseeee.