Hi im looking for advice, I have been told I have only received 6points for my claim for pip as I told them I could do things like walk my children to school which is a 5min walk I did say I was in alot of pain doing so and had to rest afterwards (I only walk them 1 a week as my youngest is in nursery further away from my other boys school so have to drive) they didnt ask how often I walked to school, she asked did I shop and I said yes but can only get basics and have to have someone withme as my knees start to hurt (I have osteoarthritis in most joints im 36) anyway because I said this they have now decided I can walk more than 200m and dont struggle with stairs, my husband recently fitted a second hand rail on the stairs as I struggle climbing them due to the pain in my knees, some days I can do more than others but like today I woke not being able to bend my left knee and im currently in agony stuck on the couch wurh my 4yr old son ar home :-( my question is how can I ask them to look at the decision without looking like a liar and them thinking im changing my story because they said I didn score enough point's?