I'm finding the 'system' very interesting at the moment.

Here's the situation that I'm in.

Of working age, on a small private pension and not drawing a State Pension or any means-tested benefits.

Trying to find funding for disability equipment that I prefer has been a nightmare as I face brick walls wherever I look - no charitable organisation is interested.

However there is a chink of light for a price.

I've engaged Access to Work to look into funding my manual wheelchair, add on motor plus wheelchair car boot hoist - about £8,000 worth of kit - they haven't said no.

In fact they called me this morning to clarify my needs and to confirm that they can't help fund my self-employment ambition. I said fine so I'll be allocated an officer to look at my eligibility.

I'm not in any business yet but could turn my hand to design or even doing Access Surveys.

We'll have to see what the rules are before raising hopes - could be a whole new chapter!!