Firefox installed now, all the buttons and things are working again.

If you are having trouble posting here then try downloading it.
Very quick to download / installl / setup; and and you will think why you didn't do it before.
(No link here, mine says "Congratulations you have got the latest version)
Try this and see what it says for your computer.

Internet Explorer (from microsoft) which is your default is OK but not the best.
I used to think that my mates who raved about Firefox were just being "THIS NOW - IT'S BETTER"
I was a bit suspicious at first, but it has now got much, much better, and easier to use than Internet Explorer.

Your choice, but try it.

PS. don't install google chrome, its horrible and takes a lot of work to get it off your computer.
Uninstall won't do it; you have to get into the registry and if you are not a techhead that can be dangerous.