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Thread: PIP after pension

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    PIP after pension

    Hi, this is my first time here so apologise if this is answered elsewhere.

    I was awarded indefinite DLA quite a few years back, after a year or so, I had to complete the forms again and once again I was awarded indefinite DLA again. I have now become a pensioner and under the old system I would have kept the indefinite DLA for good but now PIP is here!!! I had a letter last year telling me I would have to claim for PIP sometime this year. As I understand it PIP is only for those who are of working age so what happens to those of us who will fall down the gap in the middle? I use my mobility part to lease an adapted car (which my husband drives) and there is no way we could afford a suitable vehicle when my DLA stops.

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    As I understand it then if you are over 64 you should remain on DLA.

    You may want to run through this PIP checker to make sure:
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    That's just it, I am 62. One of those women on the sliding scale set to increase the women's pension age. I tried the checker and it didn't rally say anything more than I know... that I would get a further letter this year. Just a it more to do with age than actually being of working age. I was told lit was to do with working age but now I am wondering if I will be able to make a claim for PIP

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    They say you are only entitled to apply for DLA/PIP up until you become 65 e.g. of working age.

    I wonder if the government will move the age at which you can apply for PIP to 66 as that is the age I and other people would, in theory, need to work to before being allowed to draw a state pension.

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    You must be joking, they want to save money on disability benefits not spend more. Logically though if retirement age is rising then so should the age until you can claim PIP

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    Maybe contact your local citizens advice as they have a wealth of information on most benefits.

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    Taken from site, link in post No 2
    uou will be invited to apply for PIP sometime after Oct 2015.
    Existing claims
    PIP is gradually replacing DLA for people aged 16 to 64, even for those with an indefinite or lifetime DLA award. If you were 65 or over on 8 April 2013 you can continue to get DLA if you’re eligible.

    Your DLA probably won’t be affected until 2015 or later but there are exceptions.

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    Thanks folks. So it looks as if I will be able to claim for PIP once they decide my DLA time is up.

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