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    Question Flexible working

    Good evening Ladies and Gents,

    I have been diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis and anxiety disorder 2 years ago. In that time I have had 4 bouts of sickness, one 8 weeks and the others a few days here and there. I have an unblemished work record. I have spoken to my Occupation Health doc and he advised that it would be good to do some flexible working but I have the feeling that my employers are not too keen with the idea. I work as an accountant in a small team of 4 people.

    Now there was two options put to me 4/5 working week where I carry out 5 days of my hours over the week and have a Wednesday off for rest as I get affected with bad fatigue and by Wednesday I'm really tired. So having the Wednesday off would be ideal to rejuvenate and work my appointments I have with the various medical professions as much as possible on that day.

    Another one is that working from home, I don't feel that this would benefit me as much as I would still have to work the 5 days no matter where that would be.

    The questions I have is - could my employer deny me flexible working 5 over 4 days if it was recommended to them by an occupational health doctor?

    At the moment I'm on a flare up and I struggle but I go into work but sometimes it feels as if I am a burden since I am running to the toilet 4 or 5 times a day to do a bloody (literally) poo!

    I would like anyone who has any experience or comments for me.



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    Flexible working options

    - working a 5 day week in 4 days known as compressed hours
    - ask to go part-time say 4 days a week
    - flexible hours - start between 7.30am and 10am. Finish anytime after 4pm as long as you work 35/37 hours
    - job share - work half a week
    - work one day a week from home if possible

    The employer is duty bound to 'make reasonable adjustments' in the workplace to take account of your disability.

    It should be a plan that you all agree - not one that is imposed on you.

    If you agree to a shorter working week then that would stick that way for 6/12 months as part of a cotract.

    Flexibility is key. You want the best for you that also benefits the company.

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    Thank you for your reply. I do agree that it shouldn't be imposed on me. I guess we will find out is getting busier too and hours are beginning to be longer as we have just taken on some new clients so it makes sense that I condense the hours.

    I am flexible but I also believe that my health comes first as.



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    Hi Neil

    Whereabouts in the UK are you? Not sure what the etiquette is here but mods can delete if i overstep the mark.

    This accountancy company is based in Warrington and Poole. They have loads of accountancy jobs available at all levels and actively promote compressed hours, 4 day week etc. The other benefits are great too.

    If you cant get what you want from your existing employer, get a new one?!

    All the best

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