Hello to Everyone. I have been a member on here for a year or so. I originally posted as I wanted advice and clarification on My Husbands PIP claim.
What I wanted......
1) The understanding of Others in a similar position
2) Clear Practical Advice
3) Answers to specific queries that others may have experienced themselves
4) Examples of How others have dealt with their problems
5) And sometimes a bit of Sympathy Who Doesn't?

What I did Not Want..........
1) People arguing about Who is More Knowledgeable than others
2) People using My question as a soap box for Their views on their Mistreatment by The Powers that Be!
3)Posts that are Just Rants about Atos/Capita/DWP/Duncan Smith/The Tories etc......
4) Divide and Conquer posts for example.... I got turned down but Joe Bloggs up the road gets PIP/ESA/Mobility/Income Support (use as needed) and He is a Drug Addict ..... Most people on Here are addicted to Prescription Drugs and could not cope without them.
5) To lose Valued Informed Members because Some people can not help but to have a dig at them.

I am not a member of Rightsnet but I do follow their forum, One to see if someone comes up with an answer to a question I may be interested in and to keep abreast of Benefit News
I am a member of Benefits and Works and apart from Their Guides which are excellent I find the forum not much use at all.
I am a member of a FB group that offers help and advice and since the Departure of Two excellent advisors ( unpaid) The group has started to self Implode on itself with Rants and Political postings becoming more common.

The Only difference to Me regarding if Someone is a ''Professional'' Advisor or Not is that One is Paid to give advice and The Other Gives Their Advice for Free.
Some ''Professional'' Advisors are complete novices with regards to New Benefits such as PIP and follow Guidelines the same as DLA which will not help at all!
Some Unpaid Advisors are Experts in One Particular Benefit Purely because They have been through all The Avenues to Get it.
Some Advisors whether paid or unpaid Try to Help but get it wrong.

So Without Blowing Your Trumpet Flymo, Please do not leave the forum Because For Me You ticked all the Why I joined Posts and None of The I do Not Want's

What Do Others Want or Think