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Thread: Pip help desk said different things

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    Pip help desk said different things

    Hi, I called pip this morning and was told a decision had been made but the letter hadn't been scanned in yet but I could find out later, I called back just now to be told there hadn't been a decision at all! Anyone know what's going on? Feeling extremely anxious!

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    the same thing happened to me i got my letter on saturday of the week they did it to me. good luck try not to worrie i no it hard

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    The helpdesks can only tell you what they see on their screens.

    You ring twice (same number) and you may get different helpdesks in different part of the country, and their screens may show different things.
    It's not all one computer system as they would have you believe, and some take longer to update than others.

    It's frustrating but you just have to bide your time. (As long as its not too excissive a wait).
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    Oh really, I'd presumed it would be same system! Well I'll go with what the first one said then and hopefully get a letter out soon! Thanks for your reply

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